New eBook Empowers Readers To Overcome Fears & Take Action In Life

Regina Carey’s new eBook, Make a Splash!, offers actionable advice to empower individuals with anxiety, ADHD, or learning differences to take steps forward. Readers are encouraged to face fears with energy and can choose from a variety of exercises.

LANSING, MICHIGAN – June 8, 2017 – (Press Release PRlog)

Regina Carey, an Empowerment Consultant, Strength-based Life Coach, and Passion Instigator will release her first eBook on July 1, 2017. As the founder of Carey On, Make a Splash!, is Regina’s first book and was written to educate and empower those who are stuck, struggling, and ready for positive change. This reimagined “self-help” book focuses on providing pathways to move forward, offers positive feedback, and outlines actionable steps readers can take to make an immediate change in their lives.

“I wrote this book because I want to help others find their voices. Each of us deserves to be heard, to share our ideas, to influence the world, to make a difference,” Regina explains. The book was written in a way that readers can use it over and over again. Exercises and encouragement are structured in a way that readers can pick and choose what best serves them in their current frame of mind.

The book is a culmination of over 20 years of coaching individuals with invisible disabilities both nationally and internationally. And while each of the journeys is unique, many of the same questions and insecurities pose obstacles. No one is alone in the desire to experience happiness.

With the goal of positively influencing more people, Regina siphoned her teachings into ten unique chapters that focus on common barriers that prevent people from using their voices and living their best lives. These chapters include Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Demands, Overwhelm, Disappointments, Scattered, Procrastination, Distraction, and Hopelessness. Each topic includes inspirational readings, gentle reminders, and positive steps for change. Readers can choose specific weighted actions (pebbles, stones, or boulders) to make a small ripple, a bigger splash, or a giant kerplunk, depending on where they are in their journey.

Make A Splash! will be published through eBookIt, and will be available on all major platforms, including Amazon and Kindle.

Carey On, LLC

Carey On is the intentional outcome of Regina Carey’s lifelong passion for education, invisible disabilities, empowerment, and leaving the world better than she found it. She works with individuals, parents, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, institutions, and businesses to provide a customized educational experience. Her work is unique and dynamic because it evolves as a product of the client’s vision, goals, and ultimate mission. Carey On provides personal coaching, job coaching, motivational speaking, customized education, specialized organization for people with ADD, and women’s and men’s coaching groups.

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