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Plyovation™ Collective

The Plyovation™ Methodology is a coming together of plyometrics, which is jump-training, and all the “ations!” Motivation! Innovation! Inspiration! Implementation! Aspiration! Organization! Exploration! It’s taking a LEAP and witnessing the amazing RESULTS of that action.

Plyovation™ Training is for women who are ready to live from a heart-centered space and share their gifts with the world. The goal of this work is to reduce heart disease by living passionately; increase happiness by making healthier decisions; and healing ourselves so we are able to heal others. Make no mistake – Plyovation™ is a MOVEMENT in my mission to leave the world better than I found it – one Plyovator™ at a time!

The Plyovation™ Training Course is 3 months long. It is an intensive once-a-week course, meeting both in person and online. Students will learn conditioning, strengthening, performance and recovery techniques from a heart-centered strategy for living an empowered life!

To enroll in the Fall 2019 Plyovation™ Training, email Regina at [email protected] or fill out the forum below. We will schedule a consultation to determine if you are ready to become a Plyovator™ in training!

Thursday, July 25th

De-“Fine” Yourself® - Level One Workshop

Are you ready for something different?
Do you want more joy in your life?
Have you been feeling unsettled?

August 22nd - August 23rd

Setting Boundaries Without Guilt!

Learn how to RETHINK your schedule, PROTECT your time, TRUST your decisions, and even HAVE FUN without experiencing unnecessary guilt or shame!
$50 includes snacks, drinks, materials, and AHA’s!