Class Descriptions

De-“Fine” Yourself® Women’s Group (Level One) – The goals of this four-week Introductory Session are to teach participants about language, posture, personal vision, setting intention and positive living. We create personal vision boards and begin to strategize for obstacles along the way. Women learn to delete negative language that derails progress and minimizes forward movement. The outcomes are typically outstanding!

De-“Fine” Yourself® Women’s Group (Level Two) – The goals of this second level group are to delve deeper into the mind, body, and spirit level of goal attainment. We approach each session with strategies for moving through negative self-talk, self-doubt, comparing ourselves to others, and feelings of unworthiness. Level Two participants spend an additional 2 hours over the course of four weeks to accomplish this more challenging work.

De-“Fine” Yourself® in Relationships – This four-week workshop series focuses on participation in all our relationships (family, romantic, self). Love Language Profiles are determined to better understand ourselves in the dynamic of partnership with others. Participants learn how to speak the words they mean instead of those they believe others want to hear. We learn how to nurture our relationship with ourselves, which requires time and attention. The goal is to grow overall compassion and understanding in relationships.

De-“Fine” Yourself® by Being Present – This one-hour workshop provides strategies for being confident, aware and present in our lives. When we are stressed out, tired, on our phones, crossing our arms, hunched over our computers or feeling like we are not good enough, we are abandoning ourselves. This session teaches participants how to bring more POWER into their lives with a few simple strategies. From head to toe, we will arm ourselves with accessible skills to make sure we are present in our own lives!

De-“Fine” Yourself® by Slowing Down – This four-week workshop series teaches participants a variety of strategies to help improve relaxation and diminish stress. We journal, observe nature, use our bodies to help decrease cortisol levels, learn how to focus on breath, get creative about how to say “No,” and begin to practice decision-making skills to regain control of our schedules. The goal is to learn how we can slow down at a moment’s notice without disrupting the everyday flow of life. Pace with grace.

Line In the Sand: Setting Limits Without Guilt – This natural follow-up to SLOWING DOWN supports participants to protect their newly-discovered peace. Continue along with the group to support one another in the process of informed decision-making and intentional living.

Strategically Bold: Overcoming Limits and Barriers – This seminar will teach participants to reprogram their thinking from complacency and coping to dynamic and daring! From posture to purpose, participants will learn techniques for overcoming the “Imposter Syndrome” and gaining confidence and respect in the workplace.

Weekly Coaching Group: This is an ON-GOING, come-as-you-are and come-as-you-desire gathering of women. We meet together each week to brainstorm, strategize, and set personal benchmarks toward great outcomes!

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