Life Fog

Clarity comes bit by bit, until one day we see so clearly that we decide to take action!

Life fog is tricky. We get tired or sick or experience an acute tragedy and instantly everything appears unsteady, uncertain, or even dangerous. We feel stuck, or at least hyperaware of every step – treading lightly until we regain our footing.

Some use the fog as an opportunity to change. The confusion, itself, is a reason to move into action. We can take another path, get away from the chaos and rest, or adjust our behavior to align more with our true selves. Lots of options.

What will you do in the midst of a life fog today? Will you be patient and wait for it to lift? Will you recognize a pattern and do something differently? Will you leap over it? Like anything else, it will fade. In the meantime, it’s there for a reason.

Make it a strong day!