And What Else?

I dwell in possibilities… ~ Emily Dickinson

When we have a problem, we tend to seek out advice. Friends, colleagues, therapists, coaches, family, and perhaps even strangers help us out. We capture all the input and shuffle it around in our heads to determine the best course of action. Even when all inquiries have been made and we believe we have all the information from which to derive an answer, I encourage you to ask “and what else?

There may be another way, a different path, a forgotten resource, an unread book, a helpful TED talk, a professional contact, or an organization OUT THERE, WILLING TO HELP, WITHIN YOUR REACH!

Do it, take it, find it, read it, watch it, call it, Google it! With an end date. Give yourself a day, time and location for finalizing the choice. And always ask, what else?

Make it a strong day!