Not Yet

At every given moment we are absolutely perfect for what is required for our journey. ~ Steve Maraboli

My morning walks have been filled with lush trees, singing birds, and a variety of sprinklers quenching thirsty lawns. Today, there was an unpleasant crunch from stepping on dead leaves. Initial reaction? NOOOOOOOOO!!! Not yet! I’m not ready for fall!

And then laughter. Of course not yet. It’s July. Relax. Simply enjoy the fact that this one stretch of the walk provides a new perspective, a different experience, and a bit of a surprise. Impermanence strikes again. Time moves quickly, making me think I can’t possibly be prepared for this next phase.

What cues are happening in your life that create the illusion of insufficiency, unpreparedness, or unworthiness? Can you recognize old beliefs that no longer serve you and may actually be stopping you from moving forward? Call it out for what it is – fear of the unknown. This time around, we’ve got the skills it takes to do the thing in front of us. Not yet is like a polite NO. Let’s embrace the experience with a YES and have gratitude!

Make it a strong day!