Choosy Moms…

When you make a choice, you change the future ~ Deepak Chopra

For those of you old enough to remember this commercial, you know it’s for peanut butter. It’s what I choose now for my family – (Natural), but nonetheless. We make choices based on what our mothers used because of what THEIR mothers used because of what THEIR mothers used. These kinds of choices don’t do much for our future – only what we put in the pantry.

As a mother, running a family, starting a business, keeping a home, caring for children, volunteering, being a part of professional communities, changing the future – these are the choices that really matter to me. I believe we must be choosy about WHAT we say yes to; about WHO we surround ourselves with; about WHERE we travel in order to learn and grow in our professions. Our choices are endless and real. And we must continue to make those decisions, keep moving forward, and – above all – be choosy.

Make it a strong day!