Easy Does It

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither. ~ Alan Cohen

Mother’s Day was spent without technology. Resting. Moving slowly through the day.

The OPPOSITE of my usual MO. And it felt great!

The extra time at rest was an investment in the remainder of the day. The energy and clarity gained resulted in an outing, a garden project, and productive conversation for the coming week. When I slowed down, my body appreciated it. Similar to enjoying a cup of tea, it required a bit of time and patience – there is no way to make a quick cup of tea. There is no way to take a quick rest. Stop and invest the time.

Instead of waiting for special occasions to slow down, put our feet up, or nap, let’s embrace the idea of investing in our future by resting every day. This gives our minds, bodies and spirits an opportunity to rejuvenate. Start small. Find the most comfortable place in your home, office, or coffee shop. Then make an appointment in your own calendar to stop and enjoy that place. Easy does it.

Make it a strong day!