What Takes 5 Minutes and Lasts 24 Hours?

“To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!” ~ Susan Lendroth

Bills, fliers, insurance updates, privacy notices, and applications for more credit cards. This is a typical unveiling from the daily mailbox trip. Depressing and predictable. Today is a NEW day! Let’s be that one person who changes things up; the one who throws everyone’s day into a delightful spin, and surprises a friend, an Aunt, a sister or cousin with a handwritten “Hello!”

Receiving a letter in the mail is a joy! It brings a smile to our faces and warms our hearts. Forget the guilt. Yes, you never wrote that “Thank You” from three years ago; yes, you saw them at a party and promised to get in touch…four months ago; yes, her father passed and you never sent a sympathy card. It is okay! You can sit down and write a letter TODAY!

Doubtful that anyone has received a personal letter and thought, “Wow! What audacity to send me a card now, after all this time!” Nope. I will never believe that, and neither should you. Get out the stationery, fall school pictures of the kids, and a stamp. Write a letter to someone you miss, someone who you know needs a pick-me-up, or someone you’d like to thank. Mail it off TODAY! It takes 5 minutes. It results in a day of happiness for someone you care about. Sitting down now to write a letter myself. It brings a smile to my face, too.

Make it a strong day!