You Can Do It!

DoSomething“If you put off everything ’till you’re sure of it, you’ll get nothing done.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale

Get something done today. Something small. Something that has been on your mind. Something important to you. If you have been thinking of that friend you haven’t seen or talked to in a good, long while, buy a card and send it to her today. If you have a stack of mail that you have put off opening for fear of bad news, open one envelope. If you feel badly for making a mistake, apologize. Guaranteed, the others involved have already forgotten and it will help you continue to move forward – relieving you of the weight of guilt you have been carrying. The tiniest issues tend to keep us stuck. Do one thing that will move your life FORWARD.

When we take a step forward, there is no certainty that the ground will be just as we expect it to be, need it to be, or remember it to be. Our footing changes as the world around us, and the foundation beneath us, shifts, shakes, and even crumbles. We are strong! We can do this.

Go do something that you’re unsure of – get something done today!

Make it a strong day!