Better Way to Pave the Day!

Waking up naturally in the morning feels great after a good night’s sleep; not so good by the alarm after a restless night. Either way, you must face the day.

Thinking back, I used to pop out of bed and hit the ground running in the mornings – especially Monday’s! There was so much to do! Now? I pause for a bit, still knowing full well that there is much to do. Realizing now the importance of saying two words each and every morning I open my eyes – “Thank You!” Another day, the gift of time, more experiences, time with my family, friends and colleagues, and another opportunity to get it right – or do my best at becoming more of who I am.

Before you jump into your tasks and lists and chores and deadlines, say “Thank You!” It’s a small gesture of appreciation for this life that we so often take for granted. When you start off with an attitude of gratitude, it’s like putting on a new pair of glasses. You see things differently, perhaps more lovingly, and that will serve you well throughout your day.

Take time to speak those two words. They may be the most valuable words you say all day!

Make it a strong day!