Get Curious!

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious!” ~ Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a genius! Can you imagine him ever saying that he had no special talents? What made him great was exactly what he was good at – being curious. Most people would think that curiosity, alone, is not enough. What is? The gift of creativity, global vision, communication, patience, listening, problem-solving, empathy, pizzazz, joy, enthusiasm, peacefulness, or gentleness? What is YOUR gift? What do you do that comes naturally?

This week, embrace the part of you that surfaces without struggle. Notice what you do that feels natural and comes easily to you. What if Albert Einstein would have ignored his curiosity? Dismissed it as daydreaming? Remember that we all have strengths. We all hold inside us gifts that make the world a better place. Are you using yours? Too many times, we compare ourselves to others and what THEY have that we don’t. Instead, today begin asking, “What do I HAVE that THEY DON’T?!?!?” We must explore living life doing what we truly enjoy – whether that’s asking questions or searching for answers!

Make it a strong day!