Discovery Goggles

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

Oh, how true this quote! On this Columbus Day, think about the idea of discovery – the excitement, the frustration, and the accomplishment that happens when we discover something. It could be something we have been looking for; it could be something we thought we lost and then found; or it could be something that we learn about ourselves or someone else that we never knew. There is excitement in the joy of discovering. There is frustration when we look but don’t see. There is a sense of accomplishment when we find that which has escaped our grip. That kind of discovery typically happens when we least expect it.

Seeing with new eyes and a difference perspective can make all the difference. Think about changing how you see a space, an idea, or a person. Stand on a chair and look at your surroundings. Write the guts of an idea on a window instead of paper. Spend time with yourself or a friend in an alternative environment, like in the park or at a coffee shop. Put a unique lens on your life. What will you discover this week?

Make it a strong day!